WC-31 Mini Bottles
Jagermiester - $60.00
WC-20 Petite
Bristol Sherry - $65.00
WC-30 Mini Bottles
 Gray Goose - $65.00
WC-02 Beer
 Miller Lite - $60.00
WC-01 Beer
 SweetWater - $60.00
WC-11 Beer Single
 Miller Lite - $36.00
Order beer bottle wind chimes in your favorite brand. Beer chimes are approximately 20" Long.
All beading is unique.
WC-45 Med Wine
Etched Palm - $70.00
Order wine bottle chimes in your choice of assorted colors and etched designs. Wine chimes are approximately 30" Long.

All beading is unique.
Order mini bottle chimes in limited brands. Mini chimes are approximately 13" Long.

All beading is unique.
WC-40 Lg Wine
Etched Heart - $75.00
Cedar or driftwood hangers and unique decorative beading compliment our wind chimes.
WC-50 Lg Wine Single
Little Black Dress - $38.00
WC-10 Beer Single
 Bass Ale - $36.00
Wind Chimes
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Wind Chimes
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