WA-29 Edisto & Palm
These ceramic frames stand alone or hang on the wall.
Add a dash of color and whimsey to any room with these unique wall accents.
WA-28 At The Beach
WA-27 Bikini
WA-26 "Crabbing around Edisto"
Ceramic Memo Frames - 6" x 8" - $35.95
Ceramic Wacky Frames - 6" x 6" diagonal - $29.95
Hang these mini clipboards on the wall and change photos as often as you want!
WA-21 Summer Notes
WA-22 Lg. Flip Flop
WA-23 Sea Turtles
WA-24 Beach Towel
WA-25 Beach Flips
"Matilda the Fish"
A brightly hand-painted ceramic tile frame with a hook for hanging lightweight items - $29.95.
WA-20 "Matilda the Fish"
6" x 8.5" Clipboards - $12.95
Wall Art
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Lights & Lamps
Hanging Lanterns 1-2
Pendants 1-2
Wind Chimes
Flat Servers 1-2
Molded Servers
Wall Art
Glass Blocks
Hummingbird Feeders
Bottle Art 1-2-3-4
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